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Arouse Art Exhibition

Exploring the art of femininity

29 Jun, 2011
House of MATAHATI (HOM) celebrates women through the showcase of two young female artists, Utin Rini Anggraini and Chong Ai Lei who explore and capture femininity in this exhibition aptly titled ‘Arouse’. 

Utin Rini Anggraini was born in Pontianak, Indonesia and studied graphic design at FSR ISI Yogyakarta in the late nineties. Her background in graphic design and interest in printmaking has formed a strong impression on her painting style and the artist is known for her bright, sensuous explorations of her female subjects. In 2001, the artist won the best printmaking artist award at the Indonesian Arts Institute in Yogyakarta, and the following year, she was one of a few selected artists for the Phillip Morris Indonesian Art Awards.

Ai Lei, a Johor native, has been painting the female subject since the start of her artistic career. A fine art graduate from Dasein Academy of Art, Ai Lei’s oil paintings in ‘Arouse’ are delicate explorations of a young girl caught in private and unconscious moments. Her oil paintings in muted-color pallette are totally in contrast with Utin's colorful form of paintings. Never with their faces shown, Ai Lei’s female subject is shown flopped over her bed or lazing across an intricate Persian rug, and her works are symbols of youth as well as representation of the artist’s own identity.

Whilst relatively fresh in their respective careers, Utin Rini and Ai Lei have already shown great promises by garnering awards and honourable mentions for their artworks, and with ‘Arouse’, their future only looks brighter.

By bringing these two budding artists together, HOM reaffirms its bid to strengthen ties between our region’s various artists and communities.

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